Sunday, May 25, 2008

Final Ironman 70.3 Prep

I just have under 3 weeks to go for my second big objective of the year - The Ironman 70.3 Kansas. Training has been going well. My swim form is good and most importantly my running has been going extremely well. Betsy from Back and Bodyworks gave me the Evolution Running dvd and it has really helped. Now I just need to work on my brick workouts and get in some open water swims.

Finally got the old Triathlon rig built up yesterday and took her out on a little spin. She felt so good that I ended up doing nearly 3 hours. Lower back is paying for it this morning :-( For my triathlons this season I am going to be on my Javelin Assisi which I built up as TT rig. I have tried more triathlon specific bikes with steeper seat tube angles, but with all the climbing around here I feel a road bike works best.

Although my recent race result at the Robidoux Roundup does not reflect it, my training has been going well. I should not of even raced considering that I has just completed the 2008 Bike Week and put in about 20 extra miles of running. But I wanted to visit with the team and ride the new trails up in St. Joseph.

These final three weeks are very important. I have a very bad tendency to over train and not give myself enough time to recover between workouts. I have to remember that all the hard work is done and all I have to do now is focus on efficient workouts and getting plenty of rest.


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

SOunds like you have the right game plan. Good luck and don't overtrain!

fhe said...

In the final weeks you should limit yourself to short intense workouts. Make sure to rest beforehand too