Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Rim Wrecker

The family talked me into driving down to Potosi, MO for round #2 of the Midwest Fat Tire Championship Series. I was busy getting ready for next weekend's God's Country events, but Christopher wants to do well in the series and needed to stay in the points. So it off to the Rim Wrecker for us.

It as been a couple of years since we made the trip down to this part of Missouri. I had forgotten what "back-ass-wards" folks live down in cities like Steelville and Potosi. The trip to the local Dairy Queen will be iched in my mind for years to come.....

The course up in Potosi is a very challenging one and can be hard on equipment and ones body. Hence the name "The Rim Wrecker" With all this rain we have be having as of late I am not looking forward 26 miles of mud and technical trails. Especially with my current fitness level. I am not to worried about Christopher because his event is only 4 miles long, but I am worried about Carolynn because she has not ridden off-road much this year and can sometimes have trouble in the technical stuff. Here is the course via my Garmin 305 - Motionbased file: Rim Wrecker Course for cdldean.

Short recap of the days results: Christopher did awesome winning his class by a large margin. He rode very hard trying to beat the time posted by last years winner on the same course. He ended up beating the time by over 10 min. The below pics show the effort and the results.
Carolynn did well to complete her first race of the year. Why she chose the Counsil Bluff course is beyond me. I give her a lot credit for that. Her time of 2 hour 15 min did not set any course records but she did finish in 2nd place and earned valuable series points.
I did o.k. I started slowly and worked my way up to 2nd by race end. I had to dig deep to keep Dan Jordan from catching me. He put on charge around the 1/2 point and bridged up to me. I looked back at the top of the large climb at mile 4 and saw him hammering up the hill. I attached on several downhills and kept the pressure on for the next 4 miles or so until I had a large enough gap to put it on cruise control for the last part of the course. I will have to wait until the results are up to see how far 1st place out. I rode hard, but did finished knowing that I could have ridden harder....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spoke Pony Showdown

I finally attended the Spoke Pony Showdown this past weekend. Rich, a new member of Cow Town Cycling Team, talked me into racing this event earlier in the year. Last year he and Randy Cartwright won the 6 hour Duo class and he thought it would be cool to try and win again this year and keep the title in the teams name. Well, Rich thought wrong. After 6 hours of hard racing we ended up in 2nd place. We tried hard, but those young college kids are hard to keep up with :-)Things got underway with a short run to our rigs. I was laughing while I was running as I watched all these mountain bikers trying to run. Some of the worst form I have ever seen.
Align Right
There were a few that could run well including my teammate Tige Lamb. Tige ended up winning some sweet prizes for setting the fastest first lap and fastest overall lap. I can in about 30 riders/runners back. I wish I could have stopped laughing and ran faster because I ended up getting stuck behind a slower riders and it took about three quaters of lap to work my way by most of them.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Devil Kicked My Butt.

I am just now getting over this past weekends events. Promoting and racing two events is hard. I don't know why I continue to promote and race, but I do.....Overall I logged 75 miles (biking, running and hiking) during three days of racing and setting up. Add that to all the stakes I pounded, arrows put in place, tape, preparing the food, making the awards, etc and you have one tired dude...

Results are up for the Devil's Revenge at

Results are up for the Ride with the Devil MTR Race at

Monday, March 5, 2007

Devil's Weekend

This weekend all the fun starts......

Devil's Revenge Duathlon on Saturday. This fine multisport event kicks off the Fat Tire Duathlon Series with a rather technical 2 mile trail run, jump on your mountain bike and tame the 10 miles of Clinton Lake and then do that first 2 mile trail run - it is even harder the second time. Here is the Devil's Revenge Flyer

Sunday brings us the 10th Annual Ride with the Devil. This RWD traditionally kicks off the Midwest Fat Tire Championship Series. Same course is used for Sunday's MTB race. Free burgers and "Death Dogs" for all. Come on out and enjoy. Here is the flyer for the Ride with the Devil