Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learning to Ride Again

Just a little update....

Physical Therapy at ARC has been going well. I am up to 2 lbs of resistance. Doesn't sound like much, but after a couple sets the muscles (what's left of them) can really feel it. The range of motions is coming back. Every visit I get a few more degrees and a hell of a lot of pain. The ratio of pain for effort is currently not justified. Hopefully this will change soon.

During this down time I have done some alternative sports with Christopher. Recently he talked me into a special form of physical therapy he developed using a hand clay target thrower. His plan was to have me get some strength back in my shoulder by throwing some clays. This did not work out too well as you can see.

I am back on the bike again attempting to get my fat ass back in shape. The road to recovery looks like it is a very hard one. It is like I am learning to ride all over again. My first ride on the bike was a short one down to Parkville, MO. I could not believe all the pot holes out on the road and the pain they caused. Normally I just bunny hop the these things but that is not an option currently. I decided that I would ride my MTB bike the next ride to smooth things out. I also felt out of my element with all the traffic. It has been awhile since I rode in traffic and darn if those cars did not feel like they were going to run me over. This normally never bothered me, but I guess I just need to get used to it or get the city to make more bike lanes....

The doctor said I could ride my bike, but I don't know if he meant off-road. I decided to test my shoulder on the new Anthem X and its plush suspension. Pre-rides of the Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey have started out at Clinton. Jeff has designed a great course with a good combination of trails. My first ride back on the mountain bike was on this course. Things went o.k. except for the fact that my son kicked my ass. I guess it had to happen some time. Christopher and Jeff just walked away from me on every trail. I felt like I had never ridden off-road before. Even on what I normally consider easy trails I was hitting the brakes and getting off walking every time I saw a rocky downhill.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God's Country "Fat Tire" Duathlon

The Cow Town Cycling Team and Jewel Cartoons would like to invite you to the God’s Country Off-Road Duathlon. For 10 years this event has been offering up “Fat Tire” fun from beginners to experts alike. Come join in the fun on April 10, 2011 at the Lawrence River Trails and start your multisport season off with us.

This year we are focusing on a well-organized fun event that anyone can do and will not break the bank. For an entry fee of only $30.00 you get a multi-sport event with chip timing. Where else can you find that? Entry fee includes one-day license, custom awards, post-race refreshments/food and a delightful course that any ability level will enjoy.

Early entry discount ends April 1, 2011. Please visit to register today.

Event Details:

  • 2.5 Mile trail run / 11 Mile Off-road bike
  • Awards 3 deep in both M/F age-groups.
  • Packet pickup/Registration opens at 8:00a.m. and closes at 10:30 am
  • Mass start at 11:00 am (new time for 2011)
  • Race Director: Gerard Arantowicz -
  • Official Timing Service: Raceday Timing Solutions

Other stuff you may or may not need to know:

  • This event would not take place if not for the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club & Patrol, our wonderful event volunteers and the countless volunteers that help maintain the trail systems.
  • Thousands of athletes have entered Fat Tire Duathlon events and every one of them have finished with a smile on their face.
  • The trails are hybrid/cross bike friendly.
  • The UFD MTB season opens on April 9 at the same great location.
  • Distances are approximate an may change slightly due to course conditions
  • Trails shoes are suggested, but not necessary to have fun.
  • Weather and course will be perfect
  • Tige, Laura and Damian are not racing so anyone can now win.
  • Cool awards for the top 3 in each age-group, but in our eyes everyone is a winner.
  • Individual and Team divisions are available.
  • Part of the bike course will route you up on the levee to allow ample passing.
  • Helmets are required at all times on the bike.

I hope to see many of you out at the Lawrence River Trails next month.

Yours Truly,

Chris Locke

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Motivation to Keep Going

The trails are drying locally here, but I still can't ride off-road yet. I need some motivation to keep up with all this physical therapy and suffer through the pain.

Now I feel better....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Racing Begins...

...without me :-(.

One of my favorite events got the ole racing blood stirring last weekend. CIRREM was held up in Iowa. Over 60 miles of snowy gravel goodness and I was not even allowed to participate. A couple of my Cow Town teammates made the venture up with John Williams breaking into the top 10 with an 8th. Results and some pictures of the gravel fun.

The Swope Short track series got underway with Columbia's Jonathan Schottler taking the win over our own JP Brocket. Brett wants to know where the hell everyone was. I would have been there dude, but you do not have a class for a trike. If you did, I would be there...

Spring Flings began on Saturday. Results are in. I remember hitting this training criteriums over in Lawrence between 2001 - 2004. Some fun times if you have the early season fitness and like riding around in circles. This year marks the 16th year of these events. I don't know how Jim has kept his motivation to promote all these years. I am going on 11 years of event promotion and find it harder every year to put on events. Jim sent me the picture on the right once and said this is why he promotes - so guys like me and Adrian can race in the rain, suffer like dogs and then sprint for the win.

My second favorite sport kicked off on Sunday. The Forward Motion Hare Scrambles Championship round # 1 was over in Collins, MO. A nice course and a solid turnout as you can see in this video

Perry Road race series also kicked off this past weekend. If you like to climb then this is the place for you. The results show 151 starters with 49 Cat 5's. That is good for a training road race series. I even see some mountain bikers in the results including Life of LeLan. All the trails must be wet....

The UFD East series kicks off Sunday with the Leadbelt XC race down in Park Hills, MO. I hope to be back riding by the time the West series kicks off in Lawrence.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Long Road Back

I guess you can say I am on the road to recovery, but it sure as heck does not feel like it. Before I begin I want to thank my wonderful wife Carolynn for helping me get through this past month and being my "right arm".

Part I of the recovery was the first couple of weeks after surgery. Not much to do here but take pain killers and not move your injured arm and get some quality rest. Taking drugs was the easy part, trying not to move your arm and getting rest was not so easy.

Going from a very active person to a couch potato is one of the hardest things to do. Speaking of hard things to do, I have found it very hard to do some basic things with one hand. Part of the problem is I am right handed and it was my right shoulder which was injured, the other part is keeping the injured limb from moving.

Top 10 things that are hard to do with one hand:
  1. Go to the bathroom
  2. Clipping your fingernails
  3. Cutting food (especially steak)
  4. Tying your shoes
  5. Folding clothes
  6. Taking a shower
  7. Getting dressed (just try it)
  8. Flossing your teeth (finally found these)
  9. A tune-up on a bike
  10. Driving a manual transmission
Part II of the recovery is going to physical therapy. As of now just doing pendulum and passive range of motion exercises. So far 3 times a week at the clinic and then 3 to 4 times a day at home. The first couple times were rough, but now my range of motion has greatly improved.

Part III of the recovery will be paying for all of this. Just got the bill today from the doctor and hospital. A total of $27,573.66 so far. Looks like I will be in the poor house for awhile....

The final part of the recovery will be hitting the road/trails again. I am a lot closer to this goal thanks to Dennis Grelk and Brain @ GamJams Midwest. Dennis hooked me up with a trike so I can start start riding and Brian sent me some sweet wool socks to keep my feet warm during what looks like a wet spring. Thanks again guys.