Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time for a Change

I thought I posted this already and everyone knew, but I have received dozens of emails about event promotion and our 2015 season. Well it is official - I am taking a break from promoting cycling events.  Why you ask?   The first reason is my work and what I have to do to grow in that area of my life - see below.
The biggest reason for not promoting anymore is my family and my team. It takes a lot of hard work and time to promote events properly.  I started over a decade ago because I wanted to give back to cycling/racing. When I look at the work that my family/team does to make these events possible and then get turnouts like we had at our last event and get basically harassed about cost (and the way the events are run) and have riders boycott your events.  There are turning points in life and that was a big one for me. Add in the changes that USA Cycling have made and it is not worth the risk I personally take to promote.  I am not going to ask my family and friends to help anymore unless there is a big change in our area

It is time to make some change in my career also.  Off with the long hair and back to school.  I have worked hard at my job and waited long enough.  Time to make some serious changes and invest in my life and career.   More on this later but many people will be surprised to learn of my new path in life.

Damn my hair was long.  I feel much better now and ready to tackle the next chapter of my life.