Monday, July 25, 2011

Tri-ing to Get Back into Shape

First a little update. This has been a very trying year for me. It started with recovering from a nasty MTB crash were I injured my leg and my shoulder. Leg healed slowly, but shoulder never did so I finally went in to see a specialist which lead to my shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff

Just as I was healing from my shoulder surgery, I came down with some "gut" issues. Still waiting on the biopsy results from my recent colonoscopy. In the meantime the Doctor put me on meds for an infection.

I have written off this summer and possibly the year for any serious training. I have been training a couple hours a week - mostly rehab on my shoulder in addition to some swimming, biking and running. I decided to go ahead an participate in the 5th Annual Crossroads Triathlon this past Saturday as a training event. This event has grown to over 200 racers and has a nice small hometown feel to it. And besides, I always seem to run into old friends like Allyn Smith at these events.

My new main sp
ort....I have been spending most of my training time in the pool. I enjoy swimming especially this time of year with triple digit temps. I think the meds I have been taking caused me to be even more sensitive to the heat. Anyway, all this time in the water has really improved my swim. Carolynn always makes fun of me saying I look like I am not really trying and that I have a very slow turn-over compared to the other swimmers. Well my "lethargic swimming style" earned me the 3rd fastest swim split of the day! The two others that beat me are members of the swim team, so I must be doing something right. Perhaps swimming is my new calling?

I can still spin the pedals in anger sometimes.... After a rather slow T1 (lack of focus on my part) it was time for the bike leg. Only an 8 mile course for today's event. Heat, rolling hills, rough roads , wind and 200 others to beat. I had not been on my Orbea TT bike since the Frisco Triathlon over a month ago. Position and legs felt good for the trip out to the turn around. I put in a very hard effort passing up to 3rd place (I started 18th) on the road which meant I made up about 3 min. I could see the two lead riders cresting the last hill of the day and decided I should back off some and save it for the run. My legs were feeling it and in hind site I should have just kept it pegged. As they say "once you got it up, keep it up". Once I backed down the heat and effort just over took me. I spun some of the lactic acid out of my legs and and cruised into T2 with the 2nd fastest bike split of the day. My good friend Allyn Smith took that top honor.

Medication and heat do not mix well.... A good T2 and off running. Well, jogging. Pace was very lethargic, especially from mile .5 to 2. No focus and I just kept asking myself why I was even out here if I could not put out a solid effort over the entire event. The heat hit me quickly and hard. It is funny how quickly an event can turn around. It got worse when a few runners passed me - the ones I usually beat in a triathlon. Luckily this was a sprint triathlon and the event was over and I was enjoying a nice ice cold water over my head. In the end I still finished 2nd in my age-group and 8th overall out of close to 200 racers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Vacation

Here are some pictures from our recent trip back home to Florida. This time we headed to the Panhandle and spend a week on the beach, fishing, riding and wrestling goats....

4th of July Trip to Florida

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ready to Return to Motorcross?

This years MX season has been great. Very close racing among the top guys. During the season I always think about getting another bike (one with a motor) and race motocross again. It sometimes seems that was the only think I was ever good at. During yesterday's round I lost my current itch to get back into motocross racing.