Friday, January 30, 2009

Tour of Smithville Lake

Time to hit the road this weekend for some serious training...

Saturday heading out for the Tour of Smithville Lake. Leaving the nest at 9:30 am to meet The Wheel Cyclery guys at 10:00am. Location: Discover Vision Center, North Oak Trafficway and 152 Hwy (Normal Tuesday night ride location).

Good ride today and a great turnout. Saw some old teammates and guys who brought back some old (and painful memories :-)) It was like a "who's who" of the Northland: Randy Cartwright, Dan Jordan (RAAM Finisher), Ryan Halloran (2x Missouri State Criterium Champion), Curt Shelman (Former KCA President and current Butt'r expert), Jud Milham, Pastor Fred Herron, Eric Tiffany and the ghost of Dave Wathen among others.

Sunday most likely Mark's Gravel Grinder.....Ended up bailing out after a full day on Saturday including a jazz show (In Old New York). I was too tired and opted to sleep in and hit the Smithville trails in the afternoon. Got in one lap with old Buzz before the trails started to get a little muddy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colder than a Well-Diggers Ass Ride

The 1st Annual Holy Cow it is Colder than a Well-Diggers Ass ride was, just as the name might lead you to believe, extremely cold. Single digit wind chills for sure. But a great group of guys, including Mark Studnicki, Tige Lamb and Doug Stone kept the pace high enough to keep everyone warm. That is until they left us all on trails #10 & #11.....

For the first part of the ride I stayed toward the end of the group making sure James' bike was still moving forward as he had a little mechanical problem prior to the ride. This was fine with me as I was happy to be riding easy on the old rigid Mary SS and allowing my belly to digest the large sweet mug of 53 x 11 that I had just finished. Carolynn was nice enough to brew me up a pot prior to my departure. If you have never tried 53 x 11 coffee you need to. Anways, after today's ride I have made up my mind to look for a full suspension 29er. Once the Ouachita Challenge is over, the single speed gearing is going on the shelve and the Mary is up for sale.

After a warm-up on Wills Wonder, the group headed to the "forbidden side" of Landahl. Those trails are sure tough and if you are not careful, they can hurt you or your bike in a hurry (as Ashley soon found out). The "A" group soon were out of site and I ended up riding with Brent for a few miles until we got to the top of trail #10 and with my 32 x 21 gearing I was able to climb a few hills that he could not. After a few minutes of hard riding I bridged up to Damian and Randy and we rode together until we got back to the trailhead. Damian and I then headed to Rim Job for a quick loop then we hooked back up with Randy. Trails were in great condition has they only received a dusting of snow over night. Ground was frozen, which made it very hard. I think this might be part of the problem I have been having on the Mary. I don't think rigid and frozen hard ass ground go together.

We decide to ride through the boy scout camp and up Tasty Goodness to the trail head. On the way up Tige, Mark and Doug came screaming down going the opposite way. They looked like they were have fun. Once we got the trailhead we discovered that Ashley had crashed and broken his frame. It was time to go for most everyone. I still had an hour or so left in my legs so I ventured out by myself for another lap of Rim Job, the Boulevard and Family Trail. I was hoping to run into Tige and Co, but never found them so I headed back to the trailhead. I was feeling it when I got back and luckily Tige was still there and we decided to enjoy a nice lunch at Back Yard Burger. I just love that place.

Put down the 3rd or 4th weekend of January 10' for the 2nd Annual Holy Cow it is Colder than a Well-Diggers Ass Ride.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Quickly Things Change

I was searching for some pictures for a sponsorship proposal today. During my search, I found the below article about Christopher. How quickly things change. Last year we rode all the time together. Now I can't get him to even look at a bike or do anything other than shoot guns or play that evil Xbox......

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Night Rides

Winter training is in full swing. Lots of riding, running, weights, yoga (Kansas Siddhi Yoga) and sleeping. I must be getting old or something because my body is sure asking for more sleep...

Part of my schedule is a Wednesday night ride. We are rotating between Smithville and Shawnee Mission Park. Ride off-road if the trails are o.k. Otherwise we hit the paved trail systems for a couple hours. Rides begin at 6:00 pm sharp. This week is Smithville. Come out and join in the fun. If you need a light, just let me know....

Oh yea, check out the new Bone Bender site: . She sure is sweet. Thanks Neale Shour, Rich Bowman and Eric Tiffany for all your hard work.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ouachita Challenge "Tour" Entries

Looks like Carolynn and Christopher have decided not to participate in this years Ouachita Challenge. I have two "Tour" entries that I am selling.

A super fun event and some great trails. The "Tour" is on Saturday, April 4, 2009.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 Objectives

Below is my tentative spring/summer event schedule for 2009. Will also attend some training events like Spring Fling with my team (Cow Town) and some running events to build my running form for that summer/fall Ironman. Basically the spring is all mountain biking and then triathlons including some Xterra's. Also will hit some road races and crits to work for the team when needed.

1/31 - Polar Bear Plunge and/or Cancer Thon
2/14 - Psyco Wyco Trail Run
3/7 - Devil's Revenge Duathlon (promoting)
3/14 - Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey(promoting)
3/28 - Black Locust Duathlon
4/6 - Ouachita Challenge
4/25 - God's Country Duathlon (promoting)
5/2 - Xterra Gator Terra
5/31 - Kansas City Triathlon
6/7 - Rhetts Run
6/20 - Xterra Dawg Dayz
6/21 - 3 Legged Dawg MTB Championship
7/16 - NORBA National Championships
8/15- Xterra BOLT (or Leadville 100 if I get in...)
9/19 - Redman Triathlon (Ironman)

Still unsure about some of my objectives. I am trying to become more realistic with my objectives, but I also want to push myself. When you factor in family, work, injuries, etc. it is hard (at least for me) to set goals that I can fully commit and still lead a balanced life.

Carolynn, Christopher and I also want to go to the Grand Canon this year. We will see if we can get that planned. I know that place books up quickly. We might have to wait until 2010.

If anyone is interested, I have compiled a 2009 event schedule which is a work in progress. File can be found on Also, feel free to join the group if you like.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Look Back on 2008

I have been thinking a lot of about my objectives for this next year. What do I really want to accomplish in my life (Family, work, racing, etc...)? Also, where do I want to be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? And can I get there....

First a recap of the good and bad for 2008:

The Good:
  • Celebrated 15 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife Carolynn
  • Got a promotion at work - Senior Systems Administrator
  • Promoted a very successful cyclocross series
  • My sister Jacqueline graduated Law School and passed the Florida Bar.
  • Won Single Speed division in the De Stad Cyclocross series
  • Won the 2008 Commuter Challenge
  • Won a Hare Scrambles race on my first try (after a 16 year layoff...)
  • Set the fastest night lap at this year Rapture in Misery 12 hour.
  • Completed my first 100 mile mountain bike race - Cohutta 100
The Bad:
  • My little brother John Jay Locke passed away.
  • Having my Colitis come back during the summer.
  • Very poor cyclocross season in general with only a couple good events.
  • Pathetic showing in my Ultra MTB events (Ouachita, Cohutta and Firecracker 50)
Still working on my objectives for this year. I have always been one to set goals and work towards accomplishing them. Some of the goals are unrealistic based on my current work load, fitness and health. What happens is I end of not meeting some of these goals and end up feeling bad about it. I guess I need to really look at my current situation and set objectives that I realistically can meet. Challenge myself, but realize that I am not 20 years old anymore....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Old School Florida

I just love the Florida Keys. It has not changed much over my life span. Plenty of sunshine, calm warm waters, lagoons, plenty of nature trails, sandy beaches and sunsets to die for....