Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 Objectives

Below is my tentative spring/summer event schedule for 2009. Will also attend some training events like Spring Fling with my team (Cow Town) and some running events to build my running form for that summer/fall Ironman. Basically the spring is all mountain biking and then triathlons including some Xterra's. Also will hit some road races and crits to work for the team when needed.

1/31 - Polar Bear Plunge and/or Cancer Thon
2/14 - Psyco Wyco Trail Run
3/7 - Devil's Revenge Duathlon (promoting)
3/14 - Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey(promoting)
3/28 - Black Locust Duathlon
4/6 - Ouachita Challenge
4/25 - God's Country Duathlon (promoting)
5/2 - Xterra Gator Terra
5/31 - Kansas City Triathlon
6/7 - Rhetts Run
6/20 - Xterra Dawg Dayz
6/21 - 3 Legged Dawg MTB Championship
7/16 - NORBA National Championships
8/15- Xterra BOLT (or Leadville 100 if I get in...)
9/19 - Redman Triathlon (Ironman)

Still unsure about some of my objectives. I am trying to become more realistic with my objectives, but I also want to push myself. When you factor in family, work, injuries, etc. it is hard (at least for me) to set goals that I can fully commit and still lead a balanced life.

Carolynn, Christopher and I also want to go to the Grand Canon this year. We will see if we can get that planned. I know that place books up quickly. We might have to wait until 2010.

If anyone is interested, I have compiled a 2009 event schedule which is a work in progress. File can be found on Also, feel free to join the group if you like.

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