Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Look Back on 2008

I have been thinking a lot of about my objectives for this next year. What do I really want to accomplish in my life (Family, work, racing, etc...)? Also, where do I want to be in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years? And can I get there....

First a recap of the good and bad for 2008:

The Good:
  • Celebrated 15 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful wife Carolynn
  • Got a promotion at work - Senior Systems Administrator
  • Promoted a very successful cyclocross series
  • My sister Jacqueline graduated Law School and passed the Florida Bar.
  • Won Single Speed division in the De Stad Cyclocross series
  • Won the 2008 Commuter Challenge
  • Won a Hare Scrambles race on my first try (after a 16 year layoff...)
  • Set the fastest night lap at this year Rapture in Misery 12 hour.
  • Completed my first 100 mile mountain bike race - Cohutta 100
The Bad:
  • My little brother John Jay Locke passed away.
  • Having my Colitis come back during the summer.
  • Very poor cyclocross season in general with only a couple good events.
  • Pathetic showing in my Ultra MTB events (Ouachita, Cohutta and Firecracker 50)
Still working on my objectives for this year. I have always been one to set goals and work towards accomplishing them. Some of the goals are unrealistic based on my current work load, fitness and health. What happens is I end of not meeting some of these goals and end up feeling bad about it. I guess I need to really look at my current situation and set objectives that I realistically can meet. Challenge myself, but realize that I am not 20 years old anymore....

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Mark Studnicki said...

The Good list is longer than the Bad list. that's really the whole goal in life right there.