Friday, March 4, 2011

Long Road Back

I guess you can say I am on the road to recovery, but it sure as heck does not feel like it. Before I begin I want to thank my wonderful wife Carolynn for helping me get through this past month and being my "right arm".

Part I of the recovery was the first couple of weeks after surgery. Not much to do here but take pain killers and not move your injured arm and get some quality rest. Taking drugs was the easy part, trying not to move your arm and getting rest was not so easy.

Going from a very active person to a couch potato is one of the hardest things to do. Speaking of hard things to do, I have found it very hard to do some basic things with one hand. Part of the problem is I am right handed and it was my right shoulder which was injured, the other part is keeping the injured limb from moving.

Top 10 things that are hard to do with one hand:
  1. Go to the bathroom
  2. Clipping your fingernails
  3. Cutting food (especially steak)
  4. Tying your shoes
  5. Folding clothes
  6. Taking a shower
  7. Getting dressed (just try it)
  8. Flossing your teeth (finally found these)
  9. A tune-up on a bike
  10. Driving a manual transmission
Part II of the recovery is going to physical therapy. As of now just doing pendulum and passive range of motion exercises. So far 3 times a week at the clinic and then 3 to 4 times a day at home. The first couple times were rough, but now my range of motion has greatly improved.

Part III of the recovery will be paying for all of this. Just got the bill today from the doctor and hospital. A total of $27,573.66 so far. Looks like I will be in the poor house for awhile....

The final part of the recovery will be hitting the road/trails again. I am a lot closer to this goal thanks to Dennis Grelk and Brain @ GamJams Midwest. Dennis hooked me up with a trike so I can start start riding and Brian sent me some sweet wool socks to keep my feet warm during what looks like a wet spring. Thanks again guys.

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ScottyD said...

I've been on the 1 armed express I feel for you. Its amazing the little things you don't realize that you need both arms for.

Best of luck on your recovery.