Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learning to Ride Again

Just a little update....

Physical Therapy at ARC has been going well. I am up to 2 lbs of resistance. Doesn't sound like much, but after a couple sets the muscles (what's left of them) can really feel it. The range of motions is coming back. Every visit I get a few more degrees and a hell of a lot of pain. The ratio of pain for effort is currently not justified. Hopefully this will change soon.

During this down time I have done some alternative sports with Christopher. Recently he talked me into a special form of physical therapy he developed using a hand clay target thrower. His plan was to have me get some strength back in my shoulder by throwing some clays. This did not work out too well as you can see.

I am back on the bike again attempting to get my fat ass back in shape. The road to recovery looks like it is a very hard one. It is like I am learning to ride all over again. My first ride on the bike was a short one down to Parkville, MO. I could not believe all the pot holes out on the road and the pain they caused. Normally I just bunny hop the these things but that is not an option currently. I decided that I would ride my MTB bike the next ride to smooth things out. I also felt out of my element with all the traffic. It has been awhile since I rode in traffic and darn if those cars did not feel like they were going to run me over. This normally never bothered me, but I guess I just need to get used to it or get the city to make more bike lanes....

The doctor said I could ride my bike, but I don't know if he meant off-road. I decided to test my shoulder on the new Anthem X and its plush suspension. Pre-rides of the Bone Bender 3/6 Hour MTB Odyssey have started out at Clinton. Jeff has designed a great course with a good combination of trails. My first ride back on the mountain bike was on this course. Things went o.k. except for the fact that my son kicked my ass. I guess it had to happen some time. Christopher and Jeff just walked away from me on every trail. I felt like I had never ridden off-road before. Even on what I normally consider easy trails I was hitting the brakes and getting off walking every time I saw a rocky downhill.

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