Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Racing Begins...

...without me :-(.

One of my favorite events got the ole racing blood stirring last weekend. CIRREM was held up in Iowa. Over 60 miles of snowy gravel goodness and I was not even allowed to participate. A couple of my Cow Town teammates made the venture up with John Williams breaking into the top 10 with an 8th. Results and some pictures of the gravel fun.

The Swope Short track series got underway with Columbia's Jonathan Schottler taking the win over our own JP Brocket. Brett wants to know where the hell everyone was. I would have been there dude, but you do not have a class for a trike. If you did, I would be there...

Spring Flings began on Saturday. Results are in. I remember hitting this training criteriums over in Lawrence between 2001 - 2004. Some fun times if you have the early season fitness and like riding around in circles. This year marks the 16th year of these events. I don't know how Jim has kept his motivation to promote all these years. I am going on 11 years of event promotion and find it harder every year to put on events. Jim sent me the picture on the right once and said this is why he promotes - so guys like me and Adrian can race in the rain, suffer like dogs and then sprint for the win.

My second favorite sport kicked off on Sunday. The Forward Motion Hare Scrambles Championship round # 1 was over in Collins, MO. A nice course and a solid turnout as you can see in this video

Perry Road race series also kicked off this past weekend. If you like to climb then this is the place for you. The results show 151 starters with 49 Cat 5's. That is good for a training road race series. I even see some mountain bikers in the results including Life of LeLan. All the trails must be wet....

The UFD East series kicks off Sunday with the Leadbelt XC race down in Park Hills, MO. I hope to be back riding by the time the West series kicks off in Lawrence.

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