Saturday, May 17, 2008

Car Free Challange Results

Well, it's two wins in a row. Last weekends Hare Scrambles and I won the bike division of the Car Free Challenge. Yes, I am still the Champion :-). There were 545 riders participating in the bike division of the challenge.

5 years ago Eric Rogers and a few others got together and started the Kansas City Commuter Challenge. This year they changed the rules and added car pooling with mixed results. One guy logged his trip to Wisconsin as a car pool. Looks like they have since removed his miles and posted a comment that out of town miles do not count. I only bring this up because I am seriously thinking of not participating in the challenge next year. I'm just kind of getting tired of hearing folks and groups complaining about this one and that one making up errands or "how did he do that many miles", etc. I will continue to commute like I always do, but this might be my last commuter challenge. They say it is best to go out on top....

Individual Results - Bicycle Miles

All commuters
1 Chris Locke Cow Town Cycling Team 331.00
2 Tom Awe The Wheel Cyclery Team 306.51
3 Steve Cosentino DST ChainGang 258.20
4 Ray Craighead RSG Rollers 256.15
5 Jeffrey Haug Cow Town Cycling Team 249.50

Some statistics from this years Car Free Challenge:
  • Total Miles: 41,011
  • People Registered: 1093
  • People who have logged trips: 798
  • Teams: 61
  • Solo Commuters: 163
  • First-timers: 216
  • Carbon Dioxide saved: 38,877 pounds
  • Gasoline saved: 2,278 gallons and $8,362

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