Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike Week 2008: Day 3

Very slow going this morning. I really wanted to stay in the bed, but the Challenge must go on. I tried a Mean Bean as a test. Before I left I checked the old BB and saw that I had missed a call. A quick call to my voicemail let me know that I was riding in solo today as Dave had to work during the night and was doing what I wanted to do - stay in bed. As I started my commute in I was still very tired, but after 30 minutes of riding I started to wake up. It might have been the Mean Bean or just a fellow commuter that caught my attention in North KC. The remainder of the ride I felt good and enjoyed the North wind that added my ride to work.
The sun has started to rise very early. I took a little break while crossing the river to snap a sunrise picture. Only need my lights now for about half the commute in. Good thing too because this morning my battery died out on me....

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