Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike Week 2008: Day 5

Final day of the 2008 Bike Week. Hurray! I am getting tired of awaking so darn early...

Actually I have enjoyed keeping the vehicles in the driveway and riding my bike. I have done a poor job so far this year of commuting in, but now I am in the habit of riding in and plan to do so at least 3 times a week.

For having nearly 300 miles in my legs I actually felt very good this morning. I think yesterday's intervals did me good. Even though my legs felt good I kept the effort level very low and plan to do the same on the return trip home. Heck, my butt even feel good that's to a plentiful supply of Chamois Butt'r. That is some good stuff

I have noticed several sections of graffiti during my rides this week. Some of this "artwork" actually looks very cool.

Things are looking good for me. I just got an email declaring it Chris Locke Day.

Daily Drawing Winners:

May 10th: Janie Oldberg of the Prairie Village Yacht Club team
May 11th: Megan Kegley of the MoBikeFed Wheel Wizards team
May 12th: Ken Sonnenschein, organizer of the annual Bike 4 the Brain ride
May 13th: Matt Schafer of the Patti Banks Associates team
May 14th: Joseph Istas, a carpool commuter with the Garmin Bleeding Edge (305) team
May 15th: Chris Locke Day:
#1. a bicycle commuter with the Garmin Bleeding Edge (305) team
#2. a bicycle commuter with the Cow Town Cycling Team

Cliff Drive is now open to only bicycles on the weekends. The "Grand Opening" if you will was yesterday. I didn't get a chance to go to it, but Cliff Drive is part of my route to work. Earlier in the week it was a mess, but by today the city had done a great job of cleaning it up. I wish we had more routes like this in Kansas City. Did not see any cyclist on my ride, but I did see a gentleman in a wheelchair enjoying the beautiful day.

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