Sunday, December 7, 2008

Should I Quit?

Should I quit racing or promoting? I cannot do both. After today's mid-pack finish in the Missouri State Cyclocross Championships I have decided that one has to go. By promoting the De Stad series this year I basically lost 3 months of quality training. Sure I got some training in, but not enough to get me on the box on a weekly basis. And that is what I desire to get. I am just not happy getting mid-pack....

Today Carolynn and I headed East to Hermann for the 2008 Missouri State Cyclocross Championship. Goal was to get top 3 in the Men's Master 40+ class. I knew if I had a very good day I could. When I was applying my Embrocation cream prior to the race Carolynn finally noticed the nice bruise that I got from last weekends crash in the first turn of the muddy Platte City race. I guess I hit it really good because I usually don't bruise easily.

Conditions for the 2.1 mile course were good. A little slimy on top in some corners, but the 25 degree temps kept most of the course on the lower sections frozen. Otherwise they would have been a lot more muddy. Course was a good solid design except for it being a little long (bad for spectators) and getting silly with too many twisty turns on a hillside at the far end of the course - two would have been fine, but 5 was.... After a short, but sufficient warm up I went to the line to start my 45 min event. Legs felt good. Back was not hurting. Motivation level was high. All things looked good for a strong race.

I got a good start and was 7th overall (Masters 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 all raced together). The plan was to ride at a very hard race pace, but not do a first lap burnout. Only problem was my race pace was slower than the top guys. I slowly fell back a place or two each lap. After reviewing my Heart rate data, I was only able to reach a HR of 168. I usually race with a HR in the low 180's. I just don't know why I can't get my HR up to that level anymore. Like I said at the beginning, something has to go - racing or promoting. I just can not do both anymore.....

Complete results HERE.

Carolynn took some pictures:

The first lap of the Men's Cat 3 class over the barriers:


JB said...

I'll send you an email with an answer to your question. See you this week!

Mark Studnicki said...

Well, looking at the new pic at the top of your blog should answer that question. You could of at least rode a couple feet away from the water line to get a good sand-riding workout. At least that bike is set-up just like your race bike, sitting upright and 1 gear.