Sunday, December 14, 2008

2008 Cyclocross Championships - Day 4

My favorite class was up today. About 90 of my single speed freaks were on hand for today's fun. I say fun because I actually had fun riding today. Except that hill...

I got an o.k. start from the 4th row. I guess I had more fun because I was actually able to race some instead of just getting blown away. For some reason I always seem to ride my single speed bike better and harder than my geared bike. I almost made the complete race, but the leaders just got by me and I ended up 1 lap down. Those guys were hauling butt as they passed me. They also all seemed to be 20 years younger than I :-)

Thanks to everyone out there who cheered me on. It was really cool. It seems like every corner I had someone cheering for me.

Here are some pictures that Carolynn took today.

Off to watch the big boys and girls...

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