Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 Cyclocross Championships - Day 3

Masters Men 40-44 today. Another stacked field of riders from all across the USA. I just hope I can keep from getting lapped. My starting spot for today is not very good. By the time I hit the first corner I will be at least 2 min behind the leaders.

The course was basically dry today. A few damp spots that you had to watch out for, but otherwise a vast improvement from Thursday's mud. Of course, I kind of wish there was some more mud. At least something to take some power away from the other riders. Today's course was all about fitness and speed. Both of which I have none of....

We got to the course early to watch Tige race in the 35-39 division. On the first lap I was shocked to see that he was near the tail end of the pack. This has been where I spent the entire day. Turns out he went down with some other riders and started near dead last.

Not much to say about my race. I just had nothing in the tank. I was near empty at the start with very little energy or motivation. Every time the course went up or you needed some power, I had nothing for it. I got lapped and they pulled me after 4 laps. I was actually glad they did. It is embarrassing for me to be that far back in the pack. What a humbling experience. Those top guys are just so fast and strong. They just motored on passed me and were gone.

We stayed a bit after my race to watch the 50-54 division and the legend Ned Overland. That dude is just incredible. Henry Kramer bridged up to him about 1/2 way through the race. As soon as he did, Ned attacked right after the climb up on top. You could see the look in his eyes as he just put it down - he was after another championship jersey.

Here are some pictures that Carolynn and I took (mine are the good ones...).

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