Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Last Ride

Got in one last ride before we leave for two weeks in Florida. One to two inches of fresh snow fell overnight up at Smithville. Trials were in good condition for the most part. Anyone out there that is looking for some sweet trails that are a blast to ride in the snow head up to Smithville. After tonight's regular Wednesday ride they will be that much better - packed and ready for you.

I made some adjustments to my new SS rig. Joshua and Mark recommended lowering my tire pressure. I rode today at 25 psi and it was much better. Also moved my seat back in the rails some and added a spacer to my handle bar height (yes Mark I am now more upright than ever...) These three adjustments made a world of difference. I also rode at a faster tempo for most of the ride to stay on top of the snow and the Mary seemed to come alive at speed.

Off to work on my tan lines....

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