Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Wonder Rides

Today was a little a hard getting up. Yesterday's crash was a little worse than I thought. I could hardly move my neck this morning and all the muscles in neck and upper shoulders were really sore. After about 30 minutes for stretching and yoga I felt better.

Sunday's planned ride was out at Clinton Lake. These trails can be hard to ride when it is dry let alone with 2 to 3 inches of snow. Randy Cartwright, Shad Schreiner, Gerard Arantowicz, Mark Studnicki, Jeff Arnaud and myself got in about 2 1/2 hours of riding. We we out there close to 3 hours, but about 1/2 was fixing all of Shad mechanical's (2 flats and a broken chain). Luckly I had my cool Crank Brothers multi-tool to get em going again. Another good base ride in the books.

A fun day of riding out at the Landahl Winter Wonder Ride. We got in about 3 hours worth of riding. Conditions starting off were a bit cold - 5 degrees, but we quickly warmed up. I for one felt very good in the cold conditions. My clothing was a base layer, long sleeve jersey, winter jacket, base layer of tights, winter riding pants, Lake winter shoes with booties, baklava and a pair of lobster gloves.

The ride was going well and I felt good on the bike. The only exception was the rocky technical sections. Every time it got rocky and technical Rich picked up the pace. Or I guess it could have been I slowed down and it just seemed like he picked it up :-) About 1 1/2 hours into the ride we entered a section of Landahl called Rim Job. This sections is rather technical and has a just name, but after a header that I took (because my winter riding pants got caught on my seat) I think we should change the name to Head Job. End result was a cracked helmet and a broken ego....

Heck, even my Brother Joey went riding in the snow today. And he lives in Florida.

Here are today's top 5 Do and Do Nots for cold weather riding:
  • Do fill your water bottles/bladders with hot water before your ride.
  • Do run your tire pressure as low as possible - 28/30 is best.
  • Do wear your camel back under your jacket to avoid freezing.
  • Do not wear baggy winter riding pants.
  • Do not leave soda's in the cooler (which is in the van outside) overnight :-)

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