Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Test - Nightrider MiNewt. X2

I just got one of those new Nightrider Minewt.X2's from The Wheel Cyclery. Decided I would give them a quick test during an impromptu night training ride with my teammates - Randy Cartwright, John Harter and Rich Anderson.

Ride: 37 Miles/2 hours 47 min on the Smithville Lake paved trails.

Conditions: Butt arse cold, windy and very dark. What did you expect it's winter in Kansas City.

First Impressions were very good. Installing the Minewt lighting system was very easy. The two headlamps mounted with rubber straps and the battery uses a nice wide Velcro strap to secure it to the stem. I had the system mounted in about 2 min. The X2's are bright enough to ride single track for sure. I was a little worried about getting a LED based system, but the X2's are very bright. I tried to take a picture of how bright they were, but I didn't have the settings correct on my cheap Samsung camera. System worked great for the next hour, but then went dead on me. I guess I should have charged it before I went out to test :-).

Luckily I had my backup from Night Sun and completed the ride with no problem. This is a good reason to never leave home without a backup. I will do a complete test later this week on our next night ride to see the burn time on both high and low settings. If you are thinking of getting a Nightrider Minewt make sure you get a X2 dual system if you are going to use on single track. For commuting a single system would be find, but for single track you need the dual model.

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HELLBilly said...

Hey do you get a deal on those lights? let me know.....joey