Friday, January 25, 2008

Bike to Work Week - 2008 Commuter Challenge

I received an email from Eric Rodgers this week that planning is underway for the 2008 Commuter Challenge which is annual held during Bike to Work Week. Check out KCBike.Info for more information.

Last year I actually won the Commuter Challenge. Mostly because I was one of a few that rode everyday no matter the weather. There is always a day during the challenge that has really bad weather. This year I was one of only a few that rode on Day 2 which brought us heavy down pours and lighting.

The Commuter Challenge is held during National Bike Month. If you have never tried commuting before I recommend you give it a try. Not just for fitness, but to save money. I calculated yesterday that I save $49.00 a week in fuel (at $2.90 a gallon) by commuting to work. $49 x 48 weeks (4 weeks off) and I would save $2352 a year commuting. I am fixing up the old commuter rig this weekend....

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