Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Seven Oaks Ski Trip

Christopher really enjoys skiing so we planned a trip up to the Seven Oaks over the Christmas/New Years break. A cool little place up in Boone IA that has 7 runs and a crazy tubing ride where you get going up to 70 mph.

This was only my second time skiing and it showed. I stuck to the bunny slope for most of the first day to try get balance. Once I did I ventured up the hill to a so called green run. Carolynn and Christopher had been on this one and said it was easy. After I figured out how to get on the ski lift and I successfully got off the thing I gave the run a try. "God please help me" was the last thing I could remember saying before I went down.....I spent the rest of the day on the bunny slope.

Christopher talked me into trying out the tubing hill. I don't know which is worst. Not having any control on skis or not having any control flying down a hill in a small tube spinning wildly. Lets just say I was glad to leave Seven Oaks in one piece. Hopefully the slopes out in Colorado will have some powder and not be all iced up when we go out and visit Good Ben.

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Oh yeah, we've got PLENTY of good snow for ya! I went to Copper Mtn the other day and the snow was GREAT, but it was so friggin cold! Bring your long johns cause you're gonna need them! I'll hook ya up with some ski tips when you get here. You'll be hitting the double black diamonds in no time. ;-)