Thursday, January 24, 2008

Midwest Fat Tire Championship Series

I would like to congratulate my wife Carolynn and my son Christopher on winning their respective classes during the 2007 Midwest Fat Tire Championship Series. This weekend we head down to the Lake of the Ozarks for the 2007 Awards Banquet

About this time last year we all sat down and decided on what our racing goals were. Carolynn wanted to win the Beginner Women's division and Christopher said he wanted to win the Kids 8-12 division. Well actually Christopher said he wanted to win every round, which is really hard to do in a year long series.All winter and spring they both trained really hard and the results speak for themselves.

Christopher's hard training especially showed at the Ride w/the Devil event. His time would have beat the majority of adult riders - top 15 in the Beginner classes, which is very good for an 11 year old. At God's Country MTB Classic he really showed his desire to win as a crash at the start put him in last place several minutes behind. Christopher came by me crying and bleeding out of an injury that he just sustained. I could tell he was really upset not only because he crashed, but that he most likely was not going to win today. As he passed I encouraged him to "just do your best, keep trying, you are doing great". At this time I am thinking there is no way he can catch up. About 25 min later Carolynn comes out of the woods to complete her first lap. And guess who's next? Christopher. He had done it! He had bridged up to the leaders and was now in the lead.

Great job you guys. I Love you both.

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