Thursday, January 17, 2008

Racing against Floyd.

Check out this Landis to race NUE series.

I'm going to put my Hole shot face on and stuff em in the first corner :-) Just like Mark says "Neutralize him in the single track"

Training is going well for my first 100 mile mountain bike race. The Cohutta 100 is planned for April 19th. My base miles are adding up and I am feeling very healthy and most importantly motivated to do well. Still undecided if I'm racing my Anthem 1 or my Single Speed. Weather is crappy here in Kansas City, but I still plan to put in some heavy training this weekend. Temps are fore casted very cold (10 degrees on Saturday) which will keep the trails frozen. Hopefully Landahl did not get a lot of snow and Saturday's planned ride will be a go. Sunday we are heading out to Clinton for a 1:00pm ride.

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Randy said...

That's a sweet picture, take the hole shot, turn around and then show Floyd that face, I am sure it would freak him out so much he would tag a tree.