Friday, February 2, 2007

Bufflo Run - a.k.a. Freeze your Arse off Trail Run

Saturday morning is the 3rd Annual Buffalo Run. Nice little local 8K trail run that takes place at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary - very hilly for those of you unfamiliar with the bluffs around Parkville. Forcasted temperature is around 10 degrees with icy slick conditions. The race director emailed earlier this week that he might shorten the course. I sure hope he doesn't. That is what trail running is all about. Trail runners are a different breed and most look forward to tough conditions.

I am mainly running this event and the Pyscho Wyco Run Toto Run Trail Run next week to get ready for the 2007 Fat Tire Duathlon Series. I really need to focus on my running before the racing season begins. Hopefully all the running miles will pay off.

I'll update tomorrow afternoon.....What a run. Great conditions despite the cold weather and recent snow fall. The course was modified some - the hilly sections on the top of the course were removed. Basically we did two 4K's (out and back loops). The course was mostly flat which was a good idea.

How did I do? I kicked butt! I won the Male 40 - 49 division in a time of 34 min. I think the course was a little short, but I'm not complaining. My lungs were hurting and my legs were dead on the second lap so I was glad when the pain stopped. My good friend Dick Ross was there taking pictures and walking around proudly displaying how cold it was. Check out his site See KC Run.

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