Sunday, February 11, 2007

What day is it again?

Saturday was an interesting day.First I missed running in the Psycho Wyco Run Toto Trail Run. I thought it was held on Sunday, but ironically at just about the run start time I just happen to open a calendar and notice that the run was on Saturday. Has this ever happened to you? Click on the picture of Eric Nelson to see the rest of Dick Ross' photos....

I was a little bummed at first, but then remembered that everything happens for a reason. Instead of racing Psycho I meet my good friend Gerard out at Clinton Lake State Park to go over the courses for the Devil's Revenge Duathlon and Ride w/the Devil MTB Race. A good thing we did as we found out that our normal duathlon course (bike leg) was only 4.15 miles a lap and it need to be 5 miles each lap.

Another good thing about today was riding with Gerard. Which by the way just my be the worlds best Ice Rider. I as amazed as he was just riding away from me on the sections of trails that were covered in some very slick ice. Gerard gave me some riding tips which helped greatly. The rest of the ride I stayed upright and rode with a great deal of confidence.

The final good thing about today and missing the Pycho is finding out about these cool electric heating socks that keep your little toes (or big toes if you have em') nice and warm on cold winter rides. Check them out at


Jeff Yielding said...


I'm racing the Devils race next month for the 1st time... how technical is the MTB course?

Chris Locke said...

Not that technical. There are some short technical sections that will give you some trouble, but the majority of the trails are very fun single track, jeep roads. There are two short road sections within the park that we have to use to get to once section to another.

Sport/expert levet riders love Clinton Lake. Some beginner riders have some trouble, but all come back for more :-)

See you March 10th!