Friday, February 16, 2007

He died due to massive blunt force injuries from the accident

My good friend Dan Tenaglia died yesterday. Acutally he was killed by some punk while riding with his wife this past weekend.

The Opelika-Auburn News has a story about the accident - "Auburn Bicyclist dies from crash injuries".

The worst part about it is he was riding a bike that I gave to him several years ago. I remember when he needed a bike because his old Serotta had gotten damaged in his move to Auburn. I let him borrow my trusty Trek ST120 until he got a new bike. After a few months I told him to just keep the bike that I had plenty. That makes the 3rd time in my life when someone has died either riding or borrowing a bike that was mine. Sometimes life just sucks!

I will miss you Dan. You were a good and trusted friend.


Randi said...

Dan was a good friend of mine too. Knew him for over 15 years... He touched so many people. I am sorry for your loss, my loss, but mostly, the earths loss.

Anonymous said...

Dan was (still is - just not in body anymore) my brother and I am truly touched by the kind things you said about him. I am so sad. Now who will I call when I need to know if I can touch a certain snake? Who will I call when I need advice about whether a bird's nest needs to be taken down or whether the birds will roost (he corrected me and told me it's called "clutch") again in the same nest? Who will I lose to in Trivial Pursuit (or win if he is my partner and we get all science questions)? My baby daughter will never know her uncle and I only have one photo of them together. Life will never be the same. I thank God for the 37 years we had him with us - I just wish there could have been more. He was the baby. He was supposed to outlive us all.

Anonymous said...

I am Dan's mom and I can't tell you the hurt and pain that we feel. We loved him with all of our heart and we will miss him. Dan was happy, loving, intelligent, and he loved and lived his life with abandon. He brought us so much joy and we will miss his beautiful smile and his infectious laugh. He has taught so many so much in his short life. We miss him and I wish with all my heart that I could just hug him one more time.
We love you Dan!

d.r. oakley said...

I worked with Dan Tanaglia in the Missouri Ozarks in 2001. Three months is all we shared. I don't know if he ever would have remembered me, but he was one of the nicest men in Ellington that year.

We cooked italian food together, ate togeter, and he drank the wine. We hiked together, explored waterfalls together, and played in the Black River together. He listened to me play the guitar the best that I knew how. I'll never forget that infectious smile, his constant optimism, the broad brimmed hat, black socks and shorts, his laugh, the wisdom in the way he walked and talked. I learned alot from him although he may have never known.

He was right about Italian gardeners, and he liked my rosemary focaccia. Time spent with Dan was time well spent. God Bless Him and His Family. We will all miss him!