Thursday, November 6, 2008

ZERO traction

ZERO traction is a 67 minute cyclocross film set to release this fall. Zt was shot entirely in high definition over four days in December of 2007 at the Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City.

Zt gives you the real feel of what it is like to experience hard-core cyclocross racing in extreme weather conditions including driving snow, mud, ice and frozen mud. Zt features racing action shot in slow motion, alowing you to see details you never see with the naked eye. You’ll also see interviews from Steve Tilford, Ned Overend and elite men’s champion Tim Johnson. The film features action from 30 races cut to high energy music culminating with the exciting elite women's and men's championships.

The ZEROtraction world premiere will be Wednesday November 19th at Liberty Hall in Lawrence Kansas. Be among the first to see the first ever documentary on the entire four-day event that is the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships.

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