Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boss Cross Race Report

I decided to head up to Boss Cross #2 today and actually race. I was not going to because John Harter worked me to near death yesterday on the Smithville trails. But I needed a good training ride and knew that the only way I would get one would be if I raced. The weather here in KC is taking a turn for the worse.

I lined up in the combined Men's 3/4 and Single Speed event. I did not really want to race the single speed due to a nagging left knee injury, but because I have not repaired the Colnago I had no other option. Start was uphill which sucked with the gearing I had. The top muddy section was a run for sure for me. I got a top 10 start, but quickly crashed on the way back down. I had not ridden the muddy course yet, which was a big mistake. It took me about 2 laps to get dialed in and by then I was in the back. I slowly worked my way up and into the lead of the SS division. I actually felt good after the first two laps were over and the only real problem, besides a sore/tired back from yesterday's trail work, was I could not get clipped into my pedals due to my shoes getting packed in with ice/frozen mud. Other than that I was happy with the way I rode and look forward to next weekends Missouri State Cyclocross Championships in Hermann.

Carolynn took some pictures from today's race.

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