Sunday, November 16, 2008

De Stad Cross Cup Race Report

Good news to report. I have retained my Single Speed championship! Bring it on Shadd.....

I have never been so happy in all my life. This De Stad Cross series is finally over. Well, I take that back. The birth of my son was my most happy moment of my life, but you get my point. It is time to relax some and not have to worry about promoting and setting up an event. Hopefully I will have a few good races before my season ends in 3 weeks. Then it is off to Florida...

I decided to race both the Men's 3/4 and Single Speed today. I did not have time to fix my Colnago after last weekends big get off so I had to use my SS for both classes today. Let's just say that 75 minutes on this course with a single speed was hard. I basically rode tempo today during the 3/4 event. Setting up the course this morning was really nerve racking and I needed to ride some. What better way than to race right? Ended up in 16th place and got too good of a warmup. I was toast as I lined up for my second race with just 10 minutes rest.

I talked the officials into separting the 4's and the SS riders. I felt is was a lot safer for us at least. I got a jump on the 16 rider field and for a second I thought I would make it to the first turn in the lead. But a few seconds later Shad Smith, in his first single speed appearance of the series, quickly passed and was gone. I guess his 44 x 19 gear came in handy on the long start straight.

Here is a video from Scott

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