Saturday, November 8, 2008

De Stad Cross Cup Preview

The course for the final round of the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series is complete. An awesome course has been designed by none other than the Cross Guru himself. Check out the pictures below. Features such as the Mound of Mercy and the Little Red Brick road will make this one great event.

I will forgo everyone the pain I went through today and take out a rather nasty downhill section that had an old land mine. It must have been a land mine because when I went over it my Colnago and I went air born with me landed on my head/back. Don't remember much other than thinking "this is a good reason not to have Dura-ace on your cross bike...." Shifters are totaled, but at least I walked away. I'll have to order a new Rudy Project helmet as mine has a small crack. Today's helmets do their job, but one good hit and it is time to replace. Might have to sit out tomorrows Veterans Cross. My neck and back are killing me.

De Stad Cross Cup / Kansas State Cyclocross Championships
November 16th, 2008
University of St. Mary, Leavenworth, Kansas.


ScottyD said...

Cobbles Baby!!!

crusty said...

Heard you might be looking into Independence Parks for a little CX venue.

Check this one out.

Practiced there for years. If you need any help give me a holler.