Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Nebraska Cyclocross Championships

The Nebraska State Cyclocross Championship were on the schedule for this weekend. I was not sure if racing with tired legs/body/mind was a good idea, but decided to head up North to support the Lincoln crew and guys like Nate Woodman. Nate was sponsoring the Single Speed class and promised goodies for all.

Mark and I were running a little late for my 2:00 pm start time so I got dressed in the back seat of the Equinox. It is times like these when I miss the old Ford Aerostar. With no lines for registration I actually ended up having plenty of time. All that worrying for nothing....

After a short warm-up the Men's Cat 3/4 and Single Speed classes were called to the line. Only got in one lap of the course so I was decided to start in the second row. No need being up with the front runner's (or at least trying) when you don't have the course dialed in. Still got a good start and actually led the SS class for the first lap or so. Eventual winner Rick Thompson soon passed and check out with an easy race win. I had my usual mid-race collapse and had to fight hard just to get back on the podium. I was a little over geared on my SS for the top end of the course by Hooligans Hill. It was all I could do to keep my momentum on the climbs. I started to come back with two laps to go, but could not catch up to Keith for 2nd. I ended the race hoping Sunday's state championship would be a stronger showing. The SS winners got some sweet prizes from Monkey Wrench Cycles. Thank you Nate!

Sunday was much the same for me. Course was run in reverse direction, but still had the climbing that was just killing my with my 18 gear in the back. If I had fresh legs it would have been fine, but with tired legs and body it was hard. I decided to start in the back and work my way up. By the end of the first lap I had worked my way past several 3/4 guys and up to 2nd in the single speed. Theodore Fleming was having a good ride (and had a larger gear for the road sections) and passed me on the road section on lap 2. Rick Thompson was up front again checking out. (Just a side note for Rick, Cat up dude :-)). I was trying to pace myself and keep Fleming close enough to try and bridge up for the final 2 laps. I knew I could push myself hard for at least two laps and had the speed to close the 10 sec gap that he had. Keith and few of the other SS riders were not far behind me. I kept using the Cat 3/4 guys on the road sections and then hit the Hooligan Hill section hard to slowly pass riders. I hit it hard with two laps to go and distanced myself from the chasing pack and passed a few more 3/4 guys to take another 3rd place and even more prizes from Nate. This time I got a nice "girly' shirt for Carolynn.

Decided to put in some extra training time and signed up for the Men's 1/2/3 event. Even earned $6.00 on Hooligan's Hill. It sometimes pays to be on a leisure training ride and have the time to pickup some cash.

Some pictures I took are below. I only had my cheap camera so they are not the best.....


James Nelson said...


Did you race the nationals course on your SS? What kind of gear you going to run at Nationals?

James Nelson
Mich. Ultra Big Shark

Chris Locke said...

I have ridden the Nationals course on my SS. Have not made the final call on the gearing. Most likely a 40x18, but it all depends on if my legs come around,the course conditions and my starting spot come Sunday. Course is not very technical and it all comes down to if you can climb....

I plan to do some more testing this weekend. If my form improves I might try to go with a 17.

Jackie said...

Where's my shirt?