Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My New Girl - Mary SS

It is time to take a little break and rest up for my last two cyclocross races of the year. This weekend I am spending some quality time with the family for Thanksgiving. Then it is back to cross. First up is the Missouri State Cyclocross Championships and then the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships.

During my little break I hope to get my new girl built up. I got a Mary SS frame last month. Since then I have been busy with promoting cross and racing which has left little time to complete this project. I do have all the parts and have been slowly getting it all together. Check out the below pictures which include my sweet new wheel set that Josh Patterson built up for me. Thank you again Josh.


Anonymous said...

She looks nice. Enjoy! Been jonesing for a new bike myself.

Josh said...

Chris I hope your are beating the hell out of that bike and the wheels by now. Let me know when they need a "break-in" truing.



Chris Locke said...

Funny you mentioned truing....yes I have been beating the hell out of both the wheels and my body. On Wednesday's night ride at Smithville a large branch somehow got stuck in my rear wheel. As I was working it out, trying not to damage my sweet wheelset, I was thinking that I need to her to you for some love.

Love the bike on smooth trails, but the rough, rocky stuff is killing me especially when I try and keep up with guys on full suspension rides...