Sunday, December 23, 2007

Starting 2008 Season Early

I had planned to take a few weeks off to "recharge my batteries", but the heck with that. I started my base training on Wednesday. I am really excited about the 2008 season and actually feel really healthy and very motivated.

The plan is to focusing the first period on weights, core, flexibility and putting in some long easy runs/rides. I also plan to start my swim training after the first of the year.

Saturday I went for my first long run. I had to use my home made snow shoes that I used with great success last year. What a blast running in the snow is. I wish Kansas City would get more snow, but we usually only get a couple of snow events each season. This year however we have already had two snow storms so things mike be a changing. Might be time to get a pair of snow shoes and one of those fancy snow bikes.

Sunday was a nice bike ride in the snow. Except for the 2 foot snow drift I fell into, it was great ride. I ended up just riding for two hours on a combination of roads and single track around my house in the Northland. These trails are very nice to ride on in the winter. I usually hit them once or twice a week. Anything to keep from using a trainer. I did find an interesting trainer that I would like to try. The h/p/cosmos 300/100r looks like it would be fun.

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