Sunday, December 16, 2007

CX Nationals - Single Speed.

Final race of the weekend for me. The single speed class is my favorite and I had hoped to do well, but two dropped chains and a first turn pile-up (see Mike D's picture on the left) on the first lap put an end to that. After the third dropped chain I about threw my bike in the near by frozen lake, but decided to soldier on. In the end I got 39th place in the Single Speed class They had 104 racers listed with a lot of DNS's on the results sheet, but I know I at least a dozen of those did race. Joel Dyke started and seemed to be doing well, but he is listed as a DNS. Strange stuff.

Start was hectic as usual with so many riders. I changed my gear ratio due to the slick/icy conditions. This caused me to be spinning like a mad man on the starting straight. Once we got into the icy course I was fine, but the downhills and road sections were very hard for me. I was going great until my chain popped off as I crossed the ruts to go to a faster line and get by some of the riders who were having trouble on the really icy sections. I was so mad and was near dead last once I got the chain back on. I quickly got going again and was passing the back markers like they were standing still. Tire pressure was key again today and I was running mine at 25 psi. Hooking up great until my chain derailed again. This time it took me forever to get it back on. I only ended up doing two laps until I got pulled. The leaders were still far back and I don't really understand why I got pull so early, but " it is what it is".

Here is my Arse on Speaking of arse's, I suggest everyone takes the ARSE Exam

Some pictures that my wife took are below: