Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 CX Nationals

I hope I am ready for this. Tomorrow are the 'B' events at Nationals. I am registered for the 40+ division. Get this. My race number is 2007. May be it will be a lucky number for me. So far this cyclo-cross season has not gone my way. At least I have not got the results that I am used to.

So I go to packet pickup to get our 'Goody Bags" , race numbers, etc. I was a little shocked when I arrived. A very lame setup, no banners, no 'welcome racers', nothing. After a little walking around the hotel, I finally found packet pickup. I go up to the table "What class you racing?" he asks. "Well I'm racing 3 classes and I also need to pick up my son's packet" He just gives me the race numbers and has be sign the photo release. He doesn't ask to see my license nor does he check my age which he should have done. I ask if that is it and he says yes. "What about the goody bags?" I ask. Oh yea, here you go. He gives me one bag. I respond with "I have 4 entries so I should receive 4 goody bags" He replies "You only get one. One person one bag" Let me get this straight. I pay for 4 and only get 1. Well what a cheap ass promoter I reply and left in disgust.

This past Sunday was the Kansas State Cyclocross Championships. After set-up was complete and since sign-up was running smoothly thanks to Margaretta I decided to go ahead and race. I am still not feeling 'race ready' but decided it would be good training and help me relax some to get out and ride. Actually had an o.k. race and took 3rd place on the day. Thanks to Cameron Chambers not racing the Single Speed class I am now leading the division in the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series. I guess consistency pays off.

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