Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Year in Review

Overall I would say this year sucked for me as far as good results go. I basically had about 5 good races. The rest I will try to quickly forget.

The Good Results:
  • Winning the Fat Tire Duathlon Series Male 40-49 Division.
  • Podium and top 5 time at the Rapture in Misery
  • 2nd place team at the Spoke Pony
  • A top 5 overall finish and winning the Lunatic Fringe Duathlon on a Single Speed.
  • A top 4 overall time at the Rim Wrecker
  • A top 4 overall time at the Lunatic Fringe MTB Race

The Bad Results:
  • The entire cross season. By far my worse cross season yet.
  • Every round of the Midwest Fat Tire Series except the above mentioned two.
The rest of the events, like the Show-Me-State Games Triathlon, were o.k. I learned a lot from the past couple of years and will make some big changes in 2008.

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