Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swope Thursday Night Ride #1

Great turnout tonight at the weekly Thursday Night Swope ride. It was like a Who's Who of mountain biking in the Kansas City are. Riders like Doug Long, Tige Lamb, Dan Oldehoeft and Lyle Riedy just to name a few. Trails were in great shape and the drinks after the ride even better :-)

Besides a fun ride, I finally found out what was squeaking on my Giant Anthem. Darn squeaking was driving me crazy over the past month. I replaced all the bearings and bushing, replaced the shock (I stole Christopher's new shock off his new Anthem so do not tell him...), cleaned and tighted everything and put a new set of Crank Brother pedals on. I get on to start tonight ride and the creak is still there. Only now is was louder than ever. During the first lap my crank felt like it was going to come off. Turns out the insert and outer shell of my left crank arm was causing all this noise. That was the good news. Now I just need to find a crank set for Saturday's Bone Bender Training ride #1.

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Mark Studnicki said...

JB Weld the thing. Not that I have ever or currently have JB Weld holding something together on my bike or anything.