Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cross Season is Finally Over.

Today was the Epic Cross race and final round of Series 60. I'm kind of bummed that it has officially ended. I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks being able to race cross and really want to thank Mark Thomas for making that a reality. Everyone involved did a great job and put in a lot of work to make these events happen, especially with all the snow we have had.

I was hoping for a good showing today as I really felt good yesterday. Today was a different story. I had some serous nausea for the better part of the morning. I do not know if I ate something bad or what. Hopefully I do not have some crazy parasite living in me. Christopher was watching a show today and it freaked me out seeing the things that some people have living in them. Anyway, back to the race.

About noon time I wasn't even going to go, but after Carolynn gave me a Ginger Ale. Afterwards, I felt well enough to give her a try. Sometimes the body does strange things and even when you feel down you can have a good event.

Today's course was muddy as expected. Throw in a lot of snow, frozen ruts and some crazy sections with what appeared to be small icebergs. You needed speed and momentum to navigate today's course. I had neither of these for most of the event which made for a long race trying to work my way up from a horrible start.

After several laps my stomach settled down and I was able to pickup the pace, but it was too late to try and bridge up to Matt, Rob and Chris. Both Matt and Chris were having a solid ride and Rob was having a excellent ride. I saw him up there riding very strong.

The last two laps I pushed hard and was able to real in JP and Joel (JET Performance Chiropractic) for 4th place on the day. Joel did take a header on the dangerous hay bail which helped with me getting past him, but I was already setting him up to pass going into the sand section :-). I wish I could have ridden the entire race like I did the last two laps. At least I finished off the year having some serious fun in the mud. Now if I can just get some feeling back in my feet....

A special thanks to Roger for washing my bike after the event and for making fun of me. I really appreciate it.

Here are some pictures that Carolynn took of the Men's Cat 3. She is becoming quite the photographer.

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