Saturday, January 23, 2010

Triathlon Season Begins

Yes it is only January here in the Midwest, but Triathlon season has official begun with today's Mission Indoor Triathlon. I do believe this is the earliest triathlon I have have done and that counts when I lived down in Florida. This is the 3rd year for this event which grew to 81 racers. Not bad for an indoor triathlon in the dead of winter. The event is organized by Amy Richards and the Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center. Everyone did a great job and I highly recommend it. We need more of these events to do during the winter. They are great motivators and help to keep us all sane.

Today's event was based on the distance you completed each discipline which was a first for me. I entered the regular triathlon which was a 10 minute swim, 30 minute bike and 20 minute run. All three event took place in the steamy hot indoors. About 10 min into the bike I was wishing it was outdoors. I will take 45 degrees and raining over indoors any day.

The swim was held in a 23 yard pool which made flip turns very important. However, I can not do flip turns :-(. After today I think I am going to finally learn them. The water was a little warm, but at least it was very clear. I focused on a strong push off and my technique today. One thing I have learned is swimming is all about gliding, body roll and staying streamlined. All I did very well today and got in nearly 600 yards, which looking at last years results would have put me right near the top.

The cycling leg was on spin bikes which I have no experience on (I prefer to ride outdoors no matter the weather). Not a real fan of these but contrary to what Kevin Collins told me the seat was actually comfortable. I think I made a mistake and did not use enough resistance. They guy in charge of the bike leg said your RPM's was all that counted, but I think I should have cranked down the resistance some. All I know is I was spinning like a fool at over 120+ rpm and going no where. I do not know if that would have helped my total mileage or not. Ended up with 15.4 miles in 30 min and about 10 oz. of sweet. Does anyone know if these spin bikes take into effect the watts you are putting out to get distance?

Run leg was on a treadmill. I wish they let us run on the indoor track like the JCC Indoor triathlon does. The track is much better, well that is until you start to get dizzy from running in tiny little 1/16th mile circles. Run leg was o.k. with 2.9 miles covered in 20 minutes. I was hoping for at least 3.1 and a 19 min 5K, but the heat was killing me. Maybe next year.

After today triathlon I am looking forward to a nice cool gravel road ride down in Spring Hill.

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