Monday, December 14, 2009

Ouachita Challenge Here I Come

I needed some motivation to train so I got up early this a.m. to sign up for the 2010 Ouachita Challenge. Entry is limited to only 275 spots for the race and it will fill up fast. The Ouachita Cycling Club does a great job with the event and they always have the best rest stops. Maybe this year I will stop and enjoy them some. For the past two years Carolynn has been at each stop with our own food. I think this year will be a time to enjoy the event and trails a little more. It is not like I will be on the podium or anything with the likes of this guys/gals showing up.

Last year I raced the single speed division on a Haro Mary SS Rigid. It handled great on smooth single track, but on sections like Blowout Mountain it about killed me. The downhills on a rigid are the worst. I can still feel the fatigue and numbness in my arms from last year. I found some good YouTube videos from last year bu Amdreatdg - OC on Video.

Still unsure what bike I will ride this year, but I am sure it will have gears and at least a front suspension. I will also change my race day diet. Last year I experimented with an all liquid diet which required that I not eat anything prior to the race. I did use this same product in training with good results, but the distance and intensity was not the same. Plus, sometimes you just need some solid food in your stomach.

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Oh come now! You never know!! :D