Monday, December 7, 2009

Missouri State Cyclocross Championships

The 2009 Missouri State Cyclocross Champions were again held in Hermann, Missouri. Jeff Yielding and crew did a nice job again with the state championships. As you would expect for December, the weather played a part in the course. Conditions early on were good when the ground was frozen. After the first race the conditions changed and by my noon start time for the Masters is was a slippery mess.

After a couple of weeks of very poor training, I was not actually going to go, but I decide to go support Jeff's event since he came over to support the De Stad series several times this year. Early Sunday morning I heading to pick up Chris Hudson and Chris Thomas. Because of this, I decided to just take one bike and only race the masters. If I would have know that we would have made it in time for the 10:00 am Single Speed start time I would have brought my single speed, but I ended up only racing the Masters 40+ on my old Jake the Snake.

My race was nothing special by any means. Form is way off and I was just not dialed into the Snake on the slippery course. My type of conditions are wet soupy mud. If it is raining all the better. The ground under the mud was still a little frozen and made for a traction less ride. Plenty of crashes and near slide outs. End results after my effort was a 7th. Not really how I wanted to end my season. If I feel better by next weekend I will head to the Barnyard Cross in Manhattan. Otherwise, I am done for the year.

Results can be found at MO CX Results

Some pictures of the SS, Cat 4 Men, Juniors and Open Women below.

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GenghisKhan said...

Great pics, though that sand pit is just plain ol' mean of the race organizers! ;o)