Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pain in the Knee

This year is really flying by. I can not believe that Christopher is already out of school for the year. Last day of school was Friday and I was happy to get the word that we passed the 7th grade. This is the time of year that I wish I would have become a school teacher like my neighbor Joe. I can still remember the summers I had as a kid. Fun times for sure. Christopher begins his summer vacation down in Florida. He gets to spend a fun filled week visiting my parents and sister Jackie. Hopefully the weather will be o.k. and he can hit the beach a few times.

As for Carolynn and I we have been putting is some serious saddle time on the old Duet. We only have 3 more weeks of training to get ready for the Ride the Rockies. Hopefully my knee will hold out. Lately I've had some serious issues with my knees. Most of my pain is in my left knee. I do not know what is causing the problem other than over use. My normal therapies are not working so I have broken down and decided to see a orthopedic specialist.

I have decided to sit out this weekends triathlons. I need to rest the old body and hope things get better before we head out to Colorado. Speaking of triathlons, it is a good thing I decided not to go to the Boat House Triathlon - swimming in poop does not sound good.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the shirts. The weather is horrible...raining cats and dogs every afternoon. Christopher is being really sweet (wanna take bets on how long that'll last?). I'll try to take him to the beach Sunday morning.

BTW, the ankle/arch of my right foot still hurts! You have not been putting good stuff out in the universe for me. UGH!

Jackie said...

okay, found out y my ankle/arch hurts...I've been kicking wrong in class. I think my foot may be broken...and I got punched strait in the face...and I pay for these beatings

Sorry, never got to take christopher to the beach. It has been raining all the time. But somehow christopher has managed to get a sunburn on his back...what can i say? The kid has magic powers.

BTW, if u did take bets, he has been very sweet. Thanks for not sending the evil christopher down this time.

Peace and love sweetpea, peace and love :)

Ronald said...

Sometimes it happens if the cycling is not done in a right way, things may get worse, as we see the above comment by Jackie says it all, how he suffered and admitted about going to wrong classes. so even though you have such pain you can always consult to sports doctor who can help in making things normal