Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KC Bike Week 2009

This year has really been flying by. I can not believe it is already May and Bike Week 2009 is around the corner. This years KC Bike Week is from May 9 to May 15. Have you registered yet? If not visit and get signed up.

Last years results. All commuters

1 Chris Locke, Cow Town Cycling Team, 331.00 miles

2 Tom Awe, The Wheel Cyclery Team, 306.51 miles

3 Steve Cosentino, DST ChainGang, 258.20 miles

4 Ray Craighead, RSG Rollers, 256.15 miles

5 Jeffrey Haug, Cow Town Cycling Team, 249.50 miles

I am still working building up my commuter bike for the challenge. As I mentioned above, time has really flown by this year. Guess I better get going as things get going on Saturday. I might just ride my single speed cross bike. Over 300 miles in one week on a single speed does sound exciting :-)

Need a team? Feel free to join Cow Town Cycling Team. Let’s see if we can bring down the monster Garmin….

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