Thursday, May 21, 2009

It has Been Awhile

The Wednesday night MTB Rides (aka the Northland Humper) up at Smithville are going strong. Carolynn, Christopher and I ventured up for a couple hours of riding. The trails were in great shape except for Cow Poop Creek. Ride starts at the Smoke N Davey Trailhead at 1800 if you are interested in some good riding.

Christopher finally agreed to go riding with us. It has been about a year since he threw a leg over his Anthem. I was a little concerned about his fitness and ability to keep up with Carolynn. She has been doing a lot of riding including several 3+ hour rides. Plus some of the trails have gotten a lot more technical due to some erosion and you know how it can be the first time out on a ride. Did he even remember how to clip in/out of his Eggbeaters?

Time to hit the trail. I decided to take Lakeside Speedway first. Carolynn hates this section because it is rocky and technical, but this used to be Christopher's favorite part so I opted for it. As I followed my son on my Mary I thought back to all the riding we had done together over the years. I must say, it felt really good to be riding with him again.

I must have been day dreaming or something because when I looked up to check on Christopher and he was long gone. I could see something up the trail, but it was just a blur. What I wouldn't pay for a set of 13 year old lungs and legs.....


Jackie said...

13?!?!?! NOOOOO!!!!! He's six! I am not the aunt to a 13 year old! I changed his diapers...oh god, i feel old now. Ugh.

BTW, good pic of him. He looks like a bad ass. Must take after his mother :)

LeLan Dains said...

LeLan from down here in Emporia. We are putting on a race at Camp Alexander trails near Emporia on July 19th. Race info can be found at I would greatly appreciate it if you could help spread the word even if you don't think you will make it. Maybe do a quick post and add the link. Thanks man!