Sunday, May 10, 2009

KC Bike Week 2009 - Day 2

After a late night last night (watching the neighbors kids until past midnight), I was glad I did not have to get up at 0500. my lower back recovered some and an easy yoga session and ice helped a lot.

Things got going strong again with house work after breakfast. All the work cleaning the kitchen last night was for nothing as we had to rip out all the cabinet in the laundry room and move the washer/dryer so we Robbie could paint. We kept the kids busy with painting the storage shed.

We really need to take a trip up to the pet store and get a mouse for Christopher's snake Mike. While I was cleaning the cat box, I notice Mike roaming around his cage which is sure sign he is hungry. Christopher was not up for a ride up to the pet store in the early a.m., so I went ahead and headed to work to do some PM work on the phone equipment. Sunday is the slowest traffic day phone call wise and is the best time to get some required work done.

The ride in was nice. A little cloudy, but no rain. I took a more direct route to work because the vehicular traffic was again low. I usually avoid the Heart of America bridge, especially going south bound. No troubles today. It is always strange to be riding through downtown with no traffice or people around. The rain stayed way for the ride in and I was happy to get there dry because I had under dressed and did not want to be riding cold and wet. The return trip was a different story. Things started off o.k. as I worked my way past the art museum, but as I started to cross the old Might MO the chance of getting a little wet greatly increased. By the time I started to climb my way up from 210, it started to rain. I mistakenly took the the chance and left my rain jacket at work in case I needed it later in the week. This same rain jacket has some reflective matterial on it and make me feel safer. It has been awhile since I rode in traffic while it was raining. I aways feel like I am invisiable sometimes when it is raining and would have enjoyed having it on for the extra visibility. I was happy to make it home without incedent.

When I did get home, I was greeted with a crying kid that would not talk to me. I think Christopher got overworked or he was upset that his mother did not call from Florida on Mother's Day. Maybe it is was a combination of both. Either way it's going to be a long night. I have to leave early tomorrow to get to work by 0700. Christopher is going to have the responsibility to get ready himself. I sure hope he does not miss the bus. It would suck having to ride home to take him to school.

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Carolynn said...

hmm, isn't the child supposed to call the mother? His mother did phone him Monday afternoon and learned that he had a stomach ache and was tired and didn't want to talk as usual. I think his father may have worked him a bit too hard over the weekend :)