Sunday, March 2, 2008

My New Rides

Well I finally did it. After that last ride home in the tow truck I (well, actually Carolynn made the decision for me) decided to break down and buy a new vehicle. It is a very hard process to find the right vehicle. After about 20 test rides we settled on a Chevrolet Equinox. I almost got another van since they are most practical, but decided to try something new. Thanks to Randy for helping me out with the GM Family First program saving me a ton of cash.

This weekend we took the Equinox on it's maiden voyage. After a hard day in the saddle fighting the wind on Saturday, we decided to hit the trails. Bad thing is all the mountain bike trails are muddy so we decide to ride the Little Blue Trace. I 'thought' the rock surface of the trail would be dry, but I was wrong. Most were dry, but there were several long sections of mud. As luck would have it, I just got done washing and tuning up Carolynn's and Christopher bikes....

The wind this weekend was something else. It was a battle just to get dressed outside before the ride let alone ride in it. And it made for a bad hair day and wind burn face.

Was it just me or did it seem like you fought the wind for what seemed like hours only to finally turn around and get only a few minutes of tail wind. I guess a few minutes of tail is better than none.

I also got my new single speed rig built up. I decided to test her out on today's family ride. Late last year I bought a used Airborne Lucky Strike. I first built her up as a SS cross bike but now she is all set up to do what she was made to do - tame some serious single track. First impressions are good. The Mechanical Disc brakes feel very good and my position is a lot better since I put a suspension fork on it. I never could get used to the rigid fork that I used for cross season. I can't wait to hit the trails once the dry up or at least freeze over again. If the trails are frozen Monday night I am hitting Smithville for a night ride.


Mark Studnicki said...

Those Chevy Equinox's are sweet. We'll be traveling in style next this 'cross season! Right?

Josh said...

SS is the way to go! A Thudbuster...seriously? ;)

Chris Locke said...

Yes Mark we will be traveling in style this season.

Josh, wait until you get 42 years old and have disk that look like mine. You will also have a Thudbuster :-)