Friday, March 7, 2008

Dam Race Needs Help

My good friend Roger Harrison still needs some volunteers for round #2 of 'That Dam Race Again' . A great road race training series that he and the Wheatland team are promoting.

Check out the worksheet list for the spots he still needs filled. Flyers can be found HERE. Last weeks pictures are at Roger's Picture House. The 1st round results HERE.

Also, Roger sends this note:

"I request that all racers use the Ferguson Road Entrance and go across the dam to Rock Creek Park. This will insure that warm up riders and or racers do not have to contend with extra traffic, and in case you have mud on your vehicle, hopefully not slush, it will not be on the race course. Thanks, oh and by the way, do not park in the grass, it may be dangerous. Thanks to all and there will be music, vocal support and for some of you vocal criticism. See you out there. The Lanterne Rouge"

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