Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Frozen Private Parts

A Motley crew showed up for yesterday's ride. We had guys on commuter bikes, mountain bikes with road tires, cyclo-cross bikes, road bikes and one at TT bike. I was a little worried about Mike Casper on the TT bike, but he actually did very well and handled the icy sections well.

Randy got there early and put in an hours worth of riding and had to time trial back to arrive at our scheduled 5:45 depart time. However, due to Harters crappy directions and Sperl being late as usual we didn't get going until around 6:00pm.

I finally got the my Kona Jake the Snake frame all built up as a commuter (yes I was the guy on a commuter bike). I decided to go with just a single chain ring up front. Not to be 'trendy' or anything, but just because I did not have a front derailleur that would fit. I put an old down tube shimano shift lever on to handle the shifting in the rear. Since the Snake doesn't have shifting bosses I had to zip tie and old adapter that had some ancient bosses. The indexing on the shifter didn't work so I will have to use the old school 'friction' mode. It works, but is not pretty. I couldn't find an old set of cranks so I ended up using the carbon profiles that I got from Dave. Wheel set is from Gerard's old Bridgestone RB1. They are old, but still have plenty of miles left in them. Saddle, seat post, steam and bars are all from Ritchey Logic. A set of fenders rounded her off.

8 of us left the trail head, but 'someone' was going way to fast and we dropped a few along the way. Most of the trail was in fine shape, but there were a few icy spots that we had to navigate. At about an hour into the ride Randy and Mark turned around to head home. Harter, Mike Casper and myself went all the way up to Smoken' Davey Trail head. I dressed very well for the temps, but along the way my 'private parts' got a little cold. Must have been the old set of shorts that I had on - wind just passed on in. By the time we got out to the turn around I was in severe pain. Harter told me to "Put it in Cider" which I thought as rather strange. I finally figured out what they were talking about. I was wishing I had one of these during the ride - see picture....

If anyone is interested in a fun 40 mile night ride we are planning to hit the Smithville Lake paved trails tonight. Start location is on the South end of the trail. Here is the map. At the end of 5 corners road where the tear drop is...

Ride time: 5:45pm.
Ride Distance: 40 miles
Ride Hotline: 8162131620

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Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of those Igloboler's. They look very useful.