Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Test - Nightrider MiNewt X2 Dual

Finally got out to complete my test of the Nightrider MiNewt x2 Dual. Unlike last time, I tested with a fully charged battery....

Testing grounds were again Smithville Lake. The family decided to take advantage of the abnormal warm winter's day (temps were high 60's) and get a long ride in. However, by the time we drove up to the Smoken' Davey trail head the temps had already dropped 20 degrees. I for one did not bring the proper clothing and had a miserable time riding. Only 'Chicken man' brought a winter's jacket and was comfortable. Carolynn and I nearly froze to death as the temps were in the 30's at the end of the ride. Anyways, back to the test.....

The MiNewt x2 Dual comes with a dual LED headlamp, borofloat lens, an Li-Ion battery and quick mounting handle bar mounts. The Nightrider site says it has 300 lumen's of light output (what ever that means) with a 1:45 - 3:30 runtime depending on if you run the unit on low, high or flash.

  • Quick mounting bar mounts. I mounted the system on Carolynn's bike and adjusted in less that a minute.
  • Near 2 hour run time on high.
  • Quick recharge - about 4 hours.
  • Weight of system is very low.
  • Small size - easy to store
  • The x2 does not come with helmet mount - at least I couldn't find the option on the Nightrider site.
  • Can't run one light on High with the other on low.
  • Lights can not be individually connected to the battery allowing you to run a single lamp system.
  • On high setting can be used on single track (must have the Dual one). The low setting is fine for paved trails, jeep roads, etc, but for single track (and with my eyesite) the unit must be run on High to be usable.
  • Except for commuting, I wouldn't even consider a single light version - the Dual is the only way to go.
Bottom line is I liked the MiNewt x2 Dual and would recommend it to anyone except the most die-hard night rider/racer. For racing I would need something with a brighter light and longer battery life would be good also.

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martinoffroad said...

I bought a set of the MiNewt.X2, I use them for commuting on the road to work.
I would definately recommend them, but I use the flash mode on my way in, they have a retina searing flash to them. The only dislike with the flash is it takes awhile to get use to the "strobe" effect.
I notice people that pull up to a corner to stop and will wait when you are half a block away before proceeding thru.
Funny thing is since I got these off of Ebay for $179.00 and installed them back in November, I have had 3 cars pull over, thinking I was some sort of emergency vehicle. I also had one guy yell at me to "turn those f***ing things off", I could only laugh as the name of the game is to be seen.
So if you want to be seen I would recommend these also, as they are daylite bright...I notice that NiteRider has a TriNewt which is suppose to be almost 2 times brighter, hmmmm.

Nice review Chris...by the way I still consider the Pat's to be a better team than the '72 Dolphins since they won 18 games...LOL